2016 Endorsed Candidates

Our Mission is to Protect Currently Endorsed Incumbents and To Elect New Women

Of the 30 women currently serving in the General Assembly who are endorsed by Georgia’s WIN List, 11 faced Primary or General Election challenges. The experience of these women and their records for protecting choice and voting for progressive policies which improve the lives of women and their families deserve our continuing support.

Five currently serving endorsed women: Representatives Mary Margaret Oliver, Michelle Henson, Pam Dickerson, “Able” Mable Thomas and Senator Donzella James defeated Primary challengers. Six endorsed women:  Representatives Stacey Evans, Keisha Waites and Kimberly Alexander and Senators Horacena Tate, Elena Parent and Gloria Butler have our endorsement and support as they face General Election challenges.

Brenda Lopez, House District 99:
Brenda Lopez

Georgia’s WIN List was happy to be the first group to endorse Brenda Lopez in her race for House District 99 for the 2016 election cycle. The male incumbent is retiring and Brenda is the perfect candidate for this district which is in the state’s most demographically diverse county. When elected, Brenda would be the first Latina to serve in Georgia.

Brenda is a graduate of our WIN Leadership Academy program and was recognized as a “Rising Star” when our PAC celebrated it’s 15th anniversary in November 2015. She is the first candidate Georgia’s WIN List ever endorsed prior to qualifying as we shift towards a strategy of identifying and recruiting candidates who can win — particularly in districts with changing demographics or the potential to swing from Republican to Democratic.

Our board is impressed by Brenda’s strong campaign plan and the fact that she has already sent one mailing and knocked on more than 3,000 doors as she gets to know voters in her rapidly growing district. The volunteers who accompany her canvassing efforts wear t-shirts with the “Vote” message translated into eight of the languages spoken in the district. Her campaign plan calls for two more in-person contacts with voters prior to May when early voting for the May 24 primary begins.

Brenda has lived in Gwinnett for more than 10 years, where she practices immigration law. Her campaign focuses on improving economic development, education access, and addressing the public transit needs for the district.

She hopes to use her service in the General Assembly to build bridges between state and county government and to ensure that citizens who have been under-represented in the past have a new voice under the Gold Dome. Brenda also seeks to rebuild trust with county law enforcement and work to ensure equal rights under the law.

The board of Georgia’s WIN List is confident Brenda Lopez will be a great team player as she joins the other WIN List endorsed women who currently serve in the Georgia General Assembly. She is bright, energetic and has progressive views which fit well with our overall mission.


Park CannonState Representative Park Cannon, House District 58 – The Newest and Youngest Face in the Georgia General Assembly:

Park Cannon took the oath of office as the newest and youngest member of the Georgia General Assembly February 22, 2016.

WIN List was the first group to endorse Park following the resignation of Simone Bell who ably served the district before she resigned to work as Southeastern Regional Director for Lambda Legal. Simone specifically recruited Park to run for the seat having first met her as an energetic and effective advocate for women’s health issues at the Feminist Women’s Health Center.

With three candidates on the ballot in January, Park topped the field with 47 percent of the vote — 14 points ahead of a former state representative who had represented parts of the district in the past. She defeated him with a 20 point margin during a February 16 run-off.

Such a strong showing against two men who were more seasoned candidates by a first time, 24-year-old woman is remarkable. Park’s overwhelming victory was clear evidence of her well planned campaign strategy, her tireless door-to-door voter contact efforts and her poise in appearances at numerous candidate forums and community meetings.

The board of Georgia’s WIN List is confident Park Cannon will be a great team player as she joins the 28 other WIN List endorsed women who currently serve in the Georgia General Assembly. Having worked for the Feminist Women’s Health Center, Park knows the issues surrounding women’s health and choice and can hit the halls as an effective advocate for the causes we champion.

Park is bright, energetic and has progressive views. Her endorsements in addition to ours included The Victory Fund, Georgia Equality, Georgia Stonewall Democrats, New Power PAC, IBEW 613, UCFW 1996, the North Georgia Building Trades and the Atlanta Progressive News. as well as some of the district’s leading activists and businesses.