VISION: To change the face of power in Georgia by electing pro-choice Democratic Women In Numbers.

MISSION: Georgia’s WIN List is a political action committee dedicated to recruiting, training, supporting, and electing Democratic women for statewide and legislative office who will be effective advocates for the issues most important to women and families, including the preservation of our reproductive rights.

THE RECORD: Since 2000, Georgia’s WIN List has helped elect and re-elect more than 60 endorsed women, with 34 currently serving — 11 in the Senate and 23 in the House. Georgia has the highest percentage of Democratic women in any Southern legislative body. Georgia also has the most African American women legislators for any state nationwide. Nationally, Georgia’s ranks 22nd for the percentage of women in the legislature, rising from 31st in 2000 when WIN List was founded, according to the Rutgers CAWP..

TRAINING FUTURE LEADERS: The WIN Leadership Academy, our flagship program, provides an in-depth year-long training program for   women who hope to seek office in the future. The 2016 class is the largest and most diverse ever! We also conduct regular one-day “boot camp” style candidate training sessions to expand outreach.

JOIN US: Your CONTRIBUTIONS fund financial and strategic support for endorsed candidates and training. When you ENCOURAGE women to attend training or run for office, you become part of our team: Women in Numbers who elect Women in Numbers!