Georgia’s WIN List is proud to endorse Angelika Kausche for House District 50 in the Johns Creek area as one of our “Spring Super Six” candidates. She demonstrated her formidable organizational skills as she built a progressive neighborhood infrastructure while serving as a precinct captain during the Sixth District Congressional race last year.

Born in Germany, Angelika became a citizen in 2011 and therefore feels a particular responsibility to serve her community in every capacity. Angelika holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Universität Trier, Germany, and worked for several years at various German banks before moving to the United States in 1997. Five years later, she earned her second master’s degree in Organizational Communication from Western Michigan University. She subsequently taught as an adjunct professor of Business Communication at colleges in Michigan and North Carolina before settling in Atlanta.

As the product of a public education system and someone who has spent years in a classroom, protecting Georgia’s public schools is a natural policy priority for Angelika. Once at the Capitol, she pledges to focus on investing in early education, funding technology, and keeping guns out of classrooms. She pledges to work towards making college affordable and to pursue programs such as apprenticeships to better prepare those not attending college to become skilled and productive members of the state’s workforce.

Angelika’s German roots can be seen in her platform. Germany’s universal healthcare system provided the means for her mother to battle cancer for 21 years, and she knows firsthand the importance of affordable and accessible healthcare options. She also pledges to work towards policies to fight the state’s opioid crisis.

Germany’s painful history is not lost on Angelika. “I grew up during a time when Germany just had started to fully grasp the horrors of the Holocaust and the atrocities of the Nazi regime. I can’t help but be concerned when those same poisonous thoughts re-appear in America. The attacks on our press, the rise in anti-Semitism, and the demonizing of minority groups all illustrate the urgency to fight back,” she said during her campaign kickoff.

She said she is committed to a Georgia “where we embrace rather fear one another and where diversity is appreciated and valued by building bridges instead of walls.”

House District 50 is an open seat and has one of the highest concentrations of naturalized Americans in the state. To ensure these new citizens feel empowered to exercise their right to vote, Angelika and her team have been knocking on doors since February reaching more than 3,000 households. HD 50 is one of the most “flippable” districts in the state and Angelika says she is the Democrat who will not shy away from the hard work required to WIN in November.

Angelika for Georgia

Georgia women like Angelika are making history in this midterm election cycle as they run for seats long held by Republicans. With women in record numbers on the ballot this year, WIN List needs your help to elect these women and train the candidates we want to see on the ballot in 2020 and beyond.

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