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When you chose me as your Democratic nominee, I made you a vow. In our Georgia, no one is unseen, no one is unheard, and no one is uninspired. But a vow takes effort – takes commitment to hold truth. Reaching out, reaching across is […]

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This is not hyperbole – today’s election may be the single most important election of our lives.

There’s too much at risk for any of us to sit this out. We can either win by one vote or lose by one vote.

If you did not participate in early voting, please make […]

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Fun Facts: Georgia is tied with Maine for the most Democratic women candidates – 91 – on any November ballot nationwide! Further, Georgia’s WIN List has the most endorsed women candidates for all Southern states by far.  Only Georgia and Indiana have Democratic women at the top of the ticket as nominees for both Governor and […]

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Victories For WIN List Candidates Would Change the Face of Power

The election of the 22 Georgia’s WIN List endorsed women seeking House seats would create major power shifts in the Georgia House of Representatives, beginning with some of its longest-serving members, brightest rising stars and extending to others who serve as committee chairs.

The […]

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