The time has come! Yes, Early Voting is finally here. Are you ready to “Grab ’em by the Midterms?”


Election Day for the 2018 Midterms Primary is Tuesday, May 22nd.

If you want to beat the crowds on Election Day, early voting begins today, Monday, April 30th and lasts until Friday, May 18th. You have three weeks!


For early voting, you can cast your vote at any of the designated early voting polling locations within your county. To find your county’s locations, go to Georgia’s My Voter Page.

  • Fill out the four fields in the MVP Login section and click the Submit button
  • In the Polling Place for State, County, and Municipal Elections section, click on the Click Here for Early Voting Locations and Times link
  • A new window will appear with a list of all the approved early voting locations for your county. Locate the polling place that is closest to you.
  • Once you select an early voting polling location, be sure to check the dates and hours of operation. Every location may be different.
  • If you need directions, click on the Directions to Polling Place button under each listed location.

You can also view your early voting locations on the Georgia Secretary of State website by selecting your county of residence. For app users, you can download the Georgia State of Success app, available from both the App Store and Google Play.

More resources:

If you decide to wait and vote on the May 22nd Election Day, you will be required to vote at your assigned polling place.


The Governor’s seat is the most prominent election race for the May 22nd Primary Election. The ballots also include candidates for United States House of Representatives, Georgia Senate and House seats, and all of the statewide offices such as Secretary of State. All votes cast during the Primary Election for these seats will determine who will be on the ballot for the November 6th General Election.

Local municipal candidates for races such as Commissioner and Board of Education are also included. In most counties, the ballots may include non-partisan judicial elections.

For this Primary Election, you will only be able to select ONE ballot.

  • Democratic Ballot – Choose this one to vote for Democratic Primary candidates. This ballot will also include four questions provided by the Georgia Democratic Party.
  • Republican Ballot – We do not recommend choosing this ballot for strategic purposes. Please cast your votes for Democratic candidates.
  • Non-Partisan Ballot – If you decide to pull a non-partisan ballot, you will only be voting on the non-partisan elections such as judges and school board members.

To view your sample ballot, go to Georgia’s My Voter Page.

  • Fill out the four fields in the MVP Login section and click Submit
  • In the Voter Information section, click on the Click Here for Sample Ballots link

With early voting now underway, let’s show those stale, pale, male Republicans in office their time is limited and women are here to WIN. Click here to review Georgia’s WIN List’s 2018 Endorsed Candidates before heading to the polls!


Make a plan to vote. Make sure your family and friends all have a plan to vote. Tell your neighbors. Post it on social media. Ask your cashier at the grocery store. Talk to the people standing in line with you, whether it’s for your morning coffee or at the post office. Volunteer to drive people to the polls. Volunteer with your favorite candidate. Be unapologetically persistent in helping to get out the vote because now, more than ever… EVERY. VOTE. COUNTS.

Make your voice heard. (And don’t forget to #postthepeach!)

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