Our Endorsement Process

The endorsement of candidates is the core of our mission and an obligation the board takes seriously. Georgia’s WIN List is often one of the first organizations to endorse once qualifying closes. Because the endorsement means money from WIN List and the women who comprise our donor network, an endorsement is not awarded lightly. Often, other groups follow the WIN List lead in making their own endorsements because we are respected for our rigorous process.

While the process for receiving the coveted Georgia’s WIN List endorsement requires more documents than for some groups, the endorsement comes with financial contributions, promotion of endorsed candidates thru social media and during events as well as volunteers and technical assistance. WIN List WINners and endorsed candidates become a “sisterhood,” offering mutual support and encouragement.

Women seeking a Georgia’s WIN List Endorsement submit the following items: resume and headshot, endorsement application and pledge of support for reproductive freedom & WIN List, campaign budget and executive summaries of the fundraising and campaign plans. Based on these documents, a review of past democratic performance (DPI) in the district, shifting district demographics and other factors, the WIN List candidate committee selects candidates who merit interviews for further consideration. No candidate is endorsed without an in-person interview. The WIN List board votes on endorsement recommendations as the final step of the process.

Generally, WIN List does not endorse in races where there is a sitting Democratic incumbent – male or female – who is a strong champion of reproductive freedom. Nor does WIN List feel compelled to make an endorsement just because a woman in is in a particular contest. When a currently serving endorsed woman decides to retire or seek another office, we as women lose ground when she is not replaced by another woman. WIN List encourages a culture where current legislators and “sister” groups actively recruit women to replace women who announce plans to retire or seek other office.


Twelve women who had announced their campaigns early were interviewed in December for early 2018 endorsements. These women were introduced to the WIN List community during the Annual Legislative Breakfast in January. Invitations to apply for endorsement will be extended to all women who qualify for races where no endorsement has been made and WIN List chooses to seek applications once qualifying closes in March.  Every effort is made to announce WIN List endorsements as quickly as possible since a WIN List endorsement often lends credibility towards receiving endorsements from other progressive groups. Some WIN List endorsement announcements may be delayed until after the May Democratic Primary results are known.