March banners created by Savannah’s “Panhandle Slim”

Members of the Georgia’s WIN List community will participate in the Saturday January 21 Marches and Rallies in Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Savannah.

Each event also has a separate website or Facebook page with more specific information, but here are a few highlights to make your day more meaningful and suggestions for being better prepared.

ATLANTA: Friends of Georgia’s WIN List planning to participate in the 1 pm Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women will congregate beginning at 12:40 pm on the sidewalk of Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard across from the water feature at the Center for Civil and Human Rights beneath the large mural for the Atlanta Union Mission which is painted on a brick wall.

This location for gathering was chosen to highlight the proposed Trump Administration policy changes which would decimate the country’s human services safety net.


Blue and buttons from past political battles or winter white.

Blue: We wear all shades of Democratic blue to honor the more than 55 Democratic pro-choice women Georgia’s WIN List has helped elect since 2000 and the women we are recruiting and training for future runs. “Blue Collar” is a term for those who work in the kinds of jobs where women get paid in dimes when male counterparts earn dollars. In Georgia, the wage gap for women in general is 82 cents on the dollar, for African American women it is 63 cents on the dollar and for Latina women, it drops to 48 cents.

Winter White: Since it is after Labor Day and we are Southern, we wear “Winter White” to honor those generations ago in the Women’s Suffrage movement who wore white as they marched. Many recall Hillary Clinton’s white pantsuit the evening she accepted the Democratic nomination worn for the same reason.

Buttons: We proudly wear the buttons from the campaigns of women we have supported before. We know our efforts to change the face of power are an ongoing struggle and we at WIN List are proud to have 31 endorsed women who currently serve in the Georgia General Assembly.


For transportation, MARTA is highly recommended. If you plan to use MARTA on the day of the march, consider re-loading or purchasing your card a day or so earlier because the machines can be crowded when large numbers decide to use public transit for occasions such as this. The station closest to the beginning point for the march is the Civic Center station. The station closest to the end point of the march is the Georgia State station, directly across from Liberty Plaza.

Parking near the museum can be crowded and expensive. If you plan to drive, one option is to park in the Underground or Freight Depot lots near the Capitol and then Uber to the start of the march.

Those who may not be physically able to march between the two locations may wish to participate in the WIN List VIP welcoming committee which will be stationed at Liberty Plaza beginning at 1 pm to welcome tired marchers and hand out water bottles. Please let us know if you wish to be part of this group.


The DC Women’s March has a very specific set of sign restrictions and prohibitions. Some  clever marchers plan to “wear” the signs they create by punching holes in the signs and using twine.

Some of those riding buses from Savannah to participate in the DC March may well have the most impressive signs and banners of the entire national event. Savannah folk artist Scott Stanton, better known as “Panhandle Slim,” has created a group of banners featuring quotable women and what they are remembered for saying about feminism and politics. These striking banners will turn heads for sure.

Those not lucky enough to have a Panhandle Slim sign are making their own – often at sign making parties throughout metro Atlanta and in Savannah. Here are some suggested slogans and ideas which you can use as inspiration for your own creative efforts. In general, remember simple, clear and colorful signs are best during the march and in photographs.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

When Women Vote, Women Win

Change the Face of Power

End Georgia’s Pale Male Patriarchy

Elect More Women!!!

Women in Numbers Elect Women in Numbers

Build Bridges not Walls

Make America THINK Again!

D.C. and SAVANNAH: Details for the Savannah event and how to connect with our board chair in Washington will be announced later in the week. In the meantime, Savannah participants may feel free to contact WIN List Communications Director Amanda Hollowell:   Those hoping to meet up and help Board Chair Anna Beck carry the banner in Washington may contact her:


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