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This is day two of our top ten countdown. We’ll publish the whole list on Dec. 30. See below for yesterdays and here is today’s:

#2 Best: Jason Carter’s Gubernatorial Campaign: Jason, a long-time supporter and member of MEN FOR WIN is the kind of progressive man who understands that women are equal partners in the political process, not Barbie dolls. He will be a Georgia governor that we can all believe in!

#2 Worst: Deal’s Failure to Launch Medicaid: As State Senator Nan Orrock says, “It’s bad news for women that our Governor has failed to expand Medicaid in our state. It would bring in $30 billion in federal dollars, create 70,000 jobs over the next ten years, and provide health insurance to more than 600,000 uninsured Georgians…. more than half of whom are women.”

Every day between now and the New Year, Georgia’s WIN List will post a “best and worst” for women of Georgia countdown. Tune in every day to see our list…and add your own!

So here is one Best and one Worst for today:

Michelle NunnBEST: Michelle Nunn. Since our state has ZERO representation for women at the US congressional or senate level, this is a great sign of hope and change. As, our endorsed woman Senator Nan Orrock said to us “It’s great news for Georgia’s women that Michelle Nunn is a candidate for one of Georgia’s US Senate seats! We will have the opportunity to send a woman to the US Senate who is a mother, a leader in non-profit volunteerism, and an incredibly bright and dedicated visionary who is committed to bridging the partisan divide and finding common sense solutions to break the gridlock in Washington.”

WORST: Georgia Gets An “F” for Its Treatment of Women: Georgia ranked at the bottom in the country regarding its treatment of women. A 2013 report by the Center for American Progress called “The State of Women in America” examined all 50 states on an array of issues. Georgia was one of 10 to receive an overall grade of “F” across all 36 factors considered by the report (including economic security, health, and leadership).


In response to our objection about the objectification of female candidate Elena Parent, as a Barbie doll, Peach Pundit called Georgia WIN List’s comments “adorable” and bemoaned our sense of humor.  I’m sure every one of their mostly GOP readers was busily looking up“misandrists”…. another word hurled our way.


No, we are not men-haters.  In fact, we have the support of many great progressive Men for WIN, from Dubose Porter to Roy Barnes and Jason Carter.  They see women as equals and partners in the political process, not adorable dolls to be toyed with.  As for our sense of humor, there is nothing funny about women having less than 25% representation in our state government, and NO representation at the federal level.


So we ask you to contribute $51.for the 51% of the state’s constituents who are women….or perhaps $100 for the 100% of the time the GOP shows their antiquated thinking about women. 


Georgia’s WIN List is a political action committee that works for and supports qualified women to run for state offices.  As demonstrated by the frat boy humor of Peach Pundit and the sexist, paternalism of the Georgia legislature, you can see how desperately our work is needed and why we need your support todayThe Men For WIN that work with us are secure enough to support strong, qualified women.


Peach Pundit, with their flaccid response, shows us just what kind of guys they are.


Peach Pundit’s mostly male editorial staff hit a new low in today’s newsletter by describing Elena Parent (a former Georgia House Representative and endorsed candidate of Georgia’s WIN list) as a “legislative Barbie.”

Really? Let’s compare your credentials with hers guys.  Where’s your Phi Beta Kappa key and law degree from one of America’s most prestigious schools, The University of Virginia Law School (where Elena graduated in the top ten)?

Oh, we get it, your comments are because Elena happens to be blonde. What is this, an episode of Madmen?  Is this 1963 or 2013? 

You should be ashamed of yourselves.  To call an accomplished and experienced woman like Elena Parent a “Barbie” is the worst kind of offensive stereotype.  This outrageous Neanderthal language has been used for years to put women in their “place.”  But  courageous, strong women like Elena Parent just ignore creepy comments like yours and keep on achieving.

We are thrilled that Elena Parent will run for Jason Carter’s senate seat, and look forward to an exciting race.


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