Pat Dooley | House District 38

Checks Payable To: Friends to Elect Pat Dooley
Campaign Address:
695 Laurel Wood Drive, SW | Marietta, GA 30064
Campaign Phone:

The Georgia Democratic leadership, other officials and local supporters asked me to run again for the Georgia House because the behavior of the Republican majority in the General Assembly is unacceptable.  My opponent votes 99% with his party and strives to earn his Speaker’s approval.  I cannot promise I’ll win but I can promise I’ll work to win.  With the possibility  available to us, the need makes it worth the try.

I served in the Georgia General Assembly for two years and I am proud of what we accomplished such as The Child Endangerment Law, holding the line on insurance coverage for women’s health issues, and protecting the HOPE Scholarship.

As a mother and grandmother I frankly never thought I would seek public office again.  My husband and I were happy spending more time with our daughters and grandchildren.

Over the past four years I have been disappointed in my opponent’s brand of public service.  He led the fight to return predatory Pay Day Loans to Georgia, allowing unscrupulous lenders to take unfair advantage of our families even as our economy stumbled.

I watched as Thunder Tumlin voted against our families time and time again, voted against Peach Care for our children, voted against implementing smaller class size for our children, helped make it more difficult for our children to qualify for the HOPE Scholarship, and turned a blind eye to Georgia’s water shortage until we were in the middle of a crisis.  As a public servant Thunder has been all sound and no substance.

To me, public service is an opportunity to make life a little better for Georgia families.  Public service requires putting the people you serve ahead of yourself.

We are certainly living in interesting times and, I believe, we have a long and difficult road to travel out of the damage that has been done to satisfy greed.  I take hope that the American people have always faced a challenge and been victorious and that this incredible spirit will bring us through again.

We are working the grass roots and raising the money to fund our signs and direct mail.  This win will not be given to us, we must take it.  Can I count on you?

The District: The district is entirely within Cobb County, The major city is Marietta, which has its own school system. The population base is socially and economically diverse.


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