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For many women, WIN Leadership Academy is not just educational, it is transformational because the experience opens doors and creates opportunities for advancement.

For Brenda Lopez, WIN Leadership Academy was the first campaign training she received. The WLA classes interested her so much she sought out other training opportunities before deciding she would run […]

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The first calls about a potential Debby Peppers candidacy came to WIN List board member Wendy Davis, who serves on the Rome City Council and the Democratic National Committee, just days after the November election when nerves were still raw over the national results and politically active Democrats were despondently picking themselves up off […]

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Statistically Speaking

On September 15, 2016 By

Georgia’s WINning Women Lead the South

By Melita Easters – WIN List Founding Chair and Executive Director

As we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Georgia’s WIN List last year, it was exciting to announce that WIN List had helped elect and re-elect more than 50 endorsed women to the Georgia General Assembly, 30 of whom still […]

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In looking around the room during our WIN List “Celebrate Shattered Ceilings” event on Thursday evening I was struck by the combination of diversity more than 100 who came together for this historic speech by Hillary Clinton.

Women who were WIN List founders and board members brought daughters and granddaughters. New friends were […]

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