31 2022 First Round Legislative Endorsements

Stacey Abrams, Bee Nguyen, Jen Jordan & Nicole Horn

Were Earlier Endorsed for Statewide Contests!

Two Familiar Faces in New Races

Current District 48 Senator Dr. Michelle Au in her race for HD 50, an OPEN seat vacated by two-term

Rep. Angelika Kausche; and HD 95 Rep. Beth Moore for her SD 7 race to win a newly created seat in

rapidly growing Gwinnett County.

Protect Seven Endorsed Senators

Two Senators – District 35 Senator Nan Orrock and District 43 Senator Tonya Anderson – face both

Primary and General Election challengers. Senator Gail Davenport of the 44th and Minority Leader Gloria

Butler of the 55th face Democratic Primary opponents. Senators Valencia Seay of the 34th, Sally Harrell of

the 40th, and the Rev. Kim Jackson of the 41st face Republican challengers in November.

Protect 15 Endorsed Representatives

Four Representatives – Park Cannon of the 58th, Shelia Jones of the 60th, Dr. Karla Drenner of the 85th and

HD 92 Rhonda Taylor of the 92nd – face Democratic Primary only challenges. Nine Representatives face

Republican opponents in November: HD 37 Mary Frances Williams, HD 48 Mary Robichaux, HD 52 Shea

Roberts, HD 54 Betsy Holland, HD 82 Mary Margaret Oliver, HD 89 Becky Evans, HD 95 Dar’Shun

Kendrick, HD 108 Dr. Jasmine Clark, and HD 137 Debbie Buckner. Further, Representatives Stacey Evans

of the 57th and Edna Jackson of the 165th face Libertarian opponents in November

Seven Previously ENDORSED WIN List Candidates

Seven women who were 2020 WIN List endorsed Candidates are running again, some of them for

different seats and others for some of the same geography with a different district number. These

women and the seats they seek are: SD 6 Luisa Wakeman, SD 45 Matielyn Jones, HD 8 June Krise, HD 35

Lisa Campbell, HD 120 Mokah Jasmine Johnson, HD 151 Joyce Barlow, and the 2020 candidate who

came closest to victory, Anne Allen Westbrook of Savannah who runs again for HD 163.

FYI: Georgia WIN List will NOT endorse in the Primary contest between Reps. Shelly Hutchinson and Dr.

Rebecca Mitchell for the newly drawn HD 106 which includes the residence of both currently endorsed

women. However, WIN List will ENDORSE the Primary winner in November for her race against

Republican and Green Party candidates.

The WIN List board will review endorsement applications and conduct interviews for a second round of

Primary endorsements to be made and announced prior to a WIN List Campaign Rally in April. Further,

endorsements for those candidates in General Election only contests will be made following the Primary.

Gender in Georgia’s 2022 Election Contests

A total of 241 Democratic Candidates qualified for state legislative contested races on the May Primary Ballot – 181 running for the House and 60 running for the Senate, with more than half – 100 – being women.

There are a total of 219 Georgia women who qualified for Federal races, Statewide races and Legislative seats, with some of them in uncontested races. These women candidates include:

  • 31 women at the Federal Level – 18 Democrats, 12 Republicans and 1 Libertarian
  • 18 women seeking statewide office – 15 Democrats, 3 Republicans and 2 Libertarians
  • 35 women seeking Senate seats – 27 Democrats and 8 Republicans
  • 133 women seeking House seats – 90 Democrats and 43 Republicans

There are 11 contested races which will feature only women candidates in November which include two House districts with highly contested Democratic primary contests and a Republican on the ballot for November and nine House races with a single Democratic woman facing a single Republican woman in November. In May, House District 39 features five Democratic women on the primary ballot and House District 86 has three Democratic women on the primary ballot. Further, six primary contests feature only women candidates – one Senate and three House Democratic primaries and two Republican House primaries.

In the 56-member Senate, 17 candidates are unopposed: 12 Republican men, four Democratic women and one Democratic man. In the 180-member House, 52 candidates are unopposed: 30 Republican men, 13 Democratic women, six Democratic men and three Republican women.

In Georgia, there are currently 61 Democratic women legislators and 19 Republican women legislators. Women comprise 33.9 percent of 235 seats, giving Georgia a 19th in the nation ranking for the percentage of women legislators. At the time Georgia WIN List was founded in 1999, Georgia ranked 32nd in the nation for the percentage of women legislators based on figures from the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University.

Our Democratic legislative women outnumber their Republican colleagues 3.2 to 1. A Republican woman holds a seat on the Publica Service Commission and is the ONLY woman serving in statewide constitutional office. Georgia’s 14-member Congressional Delegation currently has three Democratic women and one Republican woman.