Georgia’s WIN List is proud to endorse Beth Moore for House District 95 which includes Peachtree Corners, Norcross, Duluth, Berkeley Lake and Johns Creek. She grew up in the district, having graduated from Wesleyan before earning dual undergraduate degrees in Psychology and German from UGA and her law degree from GSU.

As an entertainment attorney and entrepreneur, Beth understands the practical, legal and financial challenges faced by small business owners or independent contractors, especially accessing affordable healthcare. She bases her campaign on the simple idea we can be socially inclusive and financially responsible, while also making smart investments for Georgia’s future. Below are her thoughts on several important issues:

  • HEALTHCARE – Hard-working residents of our district must have access to affordable, life-saving health services and prescription drugs. We must expand Medicaid and reclaim $3 billion in federal tax dollars here in Georgia. This would create up to 56,000 well-paying health care industry jobs. Georgia should also join the majority of other states by creating a state-based individual health marketplace to help families and small businesses access affordable health and dental insurance
  • MASS TRANSIT – Georgia’s population will nearly double by 2030, yet current political leaders turn a blind eye to pleas for expansion of mass transit to relieve constant, insufferable traffic. The unpredictability of traffic congestion means those in House District 95 can’t interview for jobs in Smyrna. An employer in Technology Park can’t hire a software programmer who lives in midtown. A mom in Norcross can’t take her kids to after-school activities in Lawrenceville, even though they’re both in Gwinnett County. Public transportation is a quality of life issue. Atlanta is long overdue for a comprehensive strategy to combat our unsustainable traffic problems, which can only be solved through local and regional infrastructure coordination and by expanding high-capacity rail and rapid bus transit options.
  • EDUCATION – I support keeping public money in public schools, including a limited number of public charter schools, approved by the county and subject to state quality control. I’d like to see more options like the Paul Duke STEM school, which opens in our district later this year, offering a more technology-centered curriculum. We also need to reinstate and fully fund talented and gifted programs.
  • HOPE – The HOPE Scholarship allowed my husband and I to graduate from college debt-free, pursue successful careers and ultimately purchase a home where we hope to raise our future family. Unfortunately, the HOPE Scholarship now offers a fraction of the original grant and is becoming more and more difficult for students and families to access. HOPE must be restored to its original intent.
  • ECONOMIC INCENTIVES – Georgia’s bold investment in film, television, and music allows Georgians, including myself, to generate and grow thousands of coveted entertainment industry jobs previously the sole province of Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville. I support the expansion of economic investments which create jobs with long-lasting value and not subject to be outsourced or automated.

Watch Beth’s campaign video here: http://bit.ly/BethMooreHD95-Video

Moore for Georgia

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