Deborah Gonzalez Seeks Second Defeat of Young GOP Opponent


Georgia’s WIN List proudly endorses Deborah Gonzalez for re-election to Athens area HD 117 following her special election WIN last fall which flipped a seat from red to blue and, along with a similar WIN by Jonathan Wallace, energized a progressive movement in the greater Athens area.

A media, technology and entertainment attorney, Rep. Gonzalez won her house seat with an impressive ground game despite being outspent four to one. The same young Republican challenger has raised almost $200,000 for his re-match, but Deborah has a strong campaign plan, energetic volunteers and a record of impressive legislative accomplishment.

Deborah distinguished herself as a freshman legislator when she helped defeat a bad bill with not one but two opposing speeches on cross-over day. She earned a nickname “the cross-examiner,” based on provoking and thorough questions during committee meetings. Rep. Gonzalez was appointed in May as Vice Chair of a national task force on Law & Criminal Justice for the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators. For her community and legislative work, Deborah was just named one of the 50th Most Influential Latinos in Georgia by the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce this week.



Rep. Gonzalez says her approach to governing is guided by three key principles: transparency, communication, and accountability. She always seeks to remember her job is to serve the people of her district and before voting asks herself three key questions:

  • Does the bill provide positive benefits for her constituent, for all Georgians?
  • Are there any possible unintended consequences because of the bill?
  • How do we build a coalition to ensure such a good and necessary law is passed?

“Getting sick, being injured, or watching someone you love suffer from illness is a universal human experience,” Deborah says. “We say America was founded on the idea people are created equal and that’s why access to medicine and healthcare care should be equally available to all. Healthcare shouldn’t depend upon what’s in your wallet. Lobbyists and Republican politicians are using their power to deny Georgia citizens who are struggling to make ends meet the most cost-effective, life saving medical care available.”

She proposes expanding Medicaid, removing barriers to access, investing in PeachCare for children, greater investments in mental health and substance abuse treatment and prevention programs as well as expanded access to healthcare in rural Georgia. She also believes the network of providers must be expanded and health insurance reforms are necessary. Concerning another “family” issue, she is an advocate for significant investments in childcare and early childhood education programs, including CAPS and after-school care.

Representing the Athens area, where many of her constituents work and go to school at the University of Georgia and where her husband is a Chemistry professor, Deborah has many thoughts on how to improve education in Georgia. For K-12, she proposes adjusting and updating the decades-old QBE formula which funds public education to ensure funding keeps pace with inflation and equalizes inequities in property wealth. For post-secondary education, she proposes increased access to HOPE scholarships, the expansion of service cancellable loans and greater investments in state colleges, technical schools, and HBCUs.

Deborah has an upcoming re-election fundraiser in the heart of Democratic Atlanta at Manuel’s Tavern on September 26, 2018, from 5 – 7 pm. This is a great event to show her love and support as she faces off for re-election before the upcoming end of month financial filing deadline.



Deborah Gonzalez for Georgia House of Representatives