This is not hyperbole – today’s election may be the single most important election of our lives.

There’s too much at risk for any of us to sit this out. We can either win by one vote or lose by one vote.

If you did not participate in early voting, please make your Election Day voting plan now.

Here’s what you need to do before the polls open tomorrow to ensure your vote is counted:

Your polling location may have changed since the last time you voted, and it is likely different from the early voting locations you’ve seen advertised the past three weeks. Double check that you are going to the right place.

You need to show some sort of photo identification in order to vote. This is only to verify your name, not your address. Your ID does NOT need to match your current address. Locate your ID now and place it inside your wallet, money clip, or purse. Here is a full list of accepted forms of identification.

Your right to vote is sacred. Full Stop. Know your rights before you enter your polling location so if something is wrong, you can flag it right away. Click here for more information about your right to vote.

Be prepared. If you run into any problems at the polls or if you’re mistakenly turned away, make sure you know who to call for help. Write this number on a post-it or save it in your phone. Voter Protection Hotline number is 1-888-730-5816.

Rain is predicted throughout the state for most of the day tomorrow. Do not allow it to deter you from voting. Instead, get prepared now. Find your umbrella, raincoat, or poncho. Place it next to your things to take with you tomorrow.

This election has captured the interest of many new voters and previously disenfranchised voters. It’s highly possible you will encounter lines at your normal polling place. Don’t let it keep you from voting. Here are some things you can do to be prepared:

  • Notify your manager or coworkers when you’re planning to go vote. By law, employers are required to permit you time off to go vote.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes.
  • Pack a water bottle and snacks.
  • Bring reading material or make sure your phone is fully charged.
  • If you have a folding lawn chair, pack it in your car just in case.

Whatever happens tomorrow, PLEASE STAY IN LINE until your vote is counted.

We cannot afford to lose a single vote. The cost is too great.

Tomorrow, we can make history.