Georgia’s WIN List is proud to endorse Ellyn Jeager, a tireless advocate for improving mental health, in a three-candidate Democratic Primary contest for Senate District 56 as one of our “Spring Super 6” candidates. The district centered around Alpharetta has many “swing” voters and the incumbent, John Albers, is seeking re-election.

During her 30 years as an advocate for non-profits, Ellyn’s specialty has been quality of life issues such as mental health, addictive diseases, aging and providing mental health services to veterans. She has worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle, families, advocates, and educators dedicated to finding better health outcomes for Georgians. She was appointed by Governor Roy Barnes and Lt. Gov. Pierre Howard to serve on Blue Ribbon commissions related to healthcare and Medicaid.

A recognized expert, she spoke to groups statewide while serving as Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for Mental Health America of Georgia and Southeast Regional Director of Public Policy for Mental Health America. She is a past board chair for the Georgia Council on Aging and currently serves on the Behavioral Planning and Advisory Council. She is also an instructor for Mental Health First Aid, a nationally recognized program which teaches ways to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders.

“Ellyn is passionate about improving our communities. She is smart, accessible and has absolute integrity. Ellyn knows how to get things done and will be an excellent legislator who will work hard for her community,” said Cynthia Wainscott, former CEO of Mental Health America, who worked with Ellyn for more than 20 years.

A native of New York, Ellyn has lived in Georgia for 42 years and has been married to her husband David for 38 years. Their two children attended local public schools and they now have four grandchildren. The family worships at Congregation Or Hadash in Sandy Springs.

Ellyn believes schools now place too much emphasis on high stakes testing and not enough on teaching children to think critically, work collaboratively, and be ready to compete in a global economy. “If we want to create and keep local jobs, we must make sure political leaders work with schools and community colleges to foster entrepreneurs,” she says.

Ellyn is a strong advocate for both Mental Health and Substance Use courts, which she says are beneficial and cost-effective because individuals who receive better treatment are less likely to enter an already overcrowded prison system. She advocates funding for early intervention and prevention programs as a solution for the opioid crisis the state now faces.

“Thoughts and prayers are not a shield from bullets. These hollow words are used in place of action,” Ellyn says. “The NRA has mastered the art of diverting the public conversation away from sensible gun control. Our children should be free to attend school without worrying they may never come home. Solutions will be found only when all parties – families, schools, mental health professionals, and law enforcement – come to the table willing to work together.”

Contact Ellyn’s campaign directly to learn more, contribute, or volunteer in these closing days of the primary season:

The Campaign to Elect Ellyn Jeager

Georgia women like Ellyn are making history in this midterm election cycle as they run for House and Senate seats long held by Republicans. With women in record numbers on the ballot this year, WIN List needs your help to elect these women even as we train the candidates we want to see on the ballot in 2020 and beyond.

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