#FundTheFlips for 2020 Match Challenge

Our WIN List community is justifiably angry and deeply disappointed by the fact HB 481, the abortion ban bill, has passed both chambers and now awaits an expected quick signature from Governor Kemp.

Our best RESISTENCE is now at the ballot box and through the power of our purses. To move forward, we need your continuing and increased support to #FundTheFlips.

We are happy to announce an opportunity allowing you to match your current level of frustration with the power of your purse. A generous WIN List donor has offered a $10,000 challenge grant to #FundTheFlips! When WIN List endorsed women FLIP seats from Red to Blue in 2020, they will defeat Republicans who voted for this abortion ban and against a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions.

During the debates, our endorsed women spoke eloquently as fierce advocates for reproductive freedom. We are grateful to these women and their male Democratic colleagues. We applaud their courage and deeply heartfelt convictions. The #WINsterhood is strong!

Senator Sally Harrell (SD 40) speaks against HB481 from the Senate well on Friday, March 22, 2019.

Advocates for reproductive freedom have traveled to the Capitol in record numbers over the past few weeks to testify in committee hearings, wave signs, hold press conferences and talk with legislators. We appreciate and commend all those who have raised their voices in numbers hard for Republicans to ignore. Indeed, the “pale, primarily male GOP majority” has heard advocates for reproductive freedom ROAR!

As soon as we take a collective moment to process our disappointment, we must move toward the next phase in our fight to protect reproductive freedom in Georgia. Our friends in other lanes of the “progressive highway” will quickly move to pursue court remedies to overturn HB 481. Courts have already “stayed” enforcement of such laws in several states and the same is likely to occur here once the Georgia case is filed.

As legal challenges work their way through the judicial system, WIN List remains fully focused on electoral remedies. With your support, WIN List will continue our work to train, recruit, endorse and help elect women who will FLIP the Georgia House and Senate from Red to Blue in 2020. For almost 20 years, we have been persistently focused on our mission to CHANGE THE FACE OF POWER IN GEORGIA by electing Women In Numbers who pledge to protect reproductive freedom. We have helped elect more than 70 pro-choice Democratic women during our almost 20-year history and we look forward to electing many, many more in 2020.

Once the House and Senate are returned to Democratic control, the women we have helped elect will introduce legislation to rescind HB 481. Further, with a Democratic majority in the House and Senate, future bills to ban abortion would be buried in committee, never to see the light of day again.

The 56-member Georgia State Senate has 35 Republican and 21 Democratic members. To regain control, Democrats must FLIP seven seats in 2020.

The 180-member Georgia State House has 75 Democrats and 105 Republicans. To regain control, Democrats need to FLIP 16 seats in 2020.

Senator Jen Jordan (SD 6) speaks against HB481 from the Senate well on Friday, March 22, 2019.

A generous WIN List donor has offered a $10,000 match challenge for new or increased contributions to #FundtheFlips. This match opportunity runs until April 20 and offers us the opportunity to raise a total of $20,000 towards training costs and campaign checks for endorsed women. The $10,000 must be matched by contributions from new donors or increases above 2018 contribution levels from existing WIN List donors.

The “quiet phase” of this match challenge has already generated $2,000. Your generous contribution today helps us meet the remaining $8,000 to claim the challenge before April 20 and raise a total of $20,000.

Channel your anger and disappointment by helping us #FundTheFlips and support women who will run in 2020 against those who voted in favor of HB 481.

Don’t just “get mad.”

Give generously and let’s elect even more women to “get even!”

We are more than happy to send a “Thank you!” to the Republican House or Senate member of your choice for each $100 increment of support. For example, a $500 gift means up to five Republicans will receive notification of your gift to the #FundTheFlips campaign in their honor. Please enter the Republican’s name in the “This donation is made in honor of:” field on the donation page or send us an email at info@gawinlist.com.