Lisa CampbellGeorgia WIN List is proud to endorse Lisa Campbell for House District 35 as she works to FLIP the seat currently held by Ed Setzler, the sponsor of HB481, Georgia’s unconstitutional abortion ban. A WIN would make Lisa the first woman to represent her metro-Atlanta district.

A University of Georgia graduate with a three-decade career in marketing, public relations and business consultation, Lisa brings professional experience leading diverse teams to build coalitions, develop new technologies, imagine new products, launch transformational services and solve complex problems.  A long time Georgian, Lisa deeply values the “strong foundation of opportunity” she was afforded growing up in her Cobb County neighborhood, and she believes that every person in Georgia deserves equal access to our shared resources and infrastructure. 

Lisa centers her campaign around “equality.” When it comes to local issues like healthcare and education, Lisa will pursue equal opportunity and access for all Georgians. She firmly believes the only way to achieve equality is to demand greater diversity in our leadership until we have a system which accurately reflects our population and is designed to ensure all perspectives are heard.

The highlights of Lisa’s platform include the following important issues:  

Healthcare – Lisa will champion Medicaid expansion and the acceptance of Federal funding to support Georgians.  She will work to increase transparencies to prescription drug pricing, drug rebates, pharmacy benefit managers, pharmacies and to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs for Medicaid and all patients.  Lisa will support strengthening and expanding public health services and increasing public health funding in all communities as the cornerstone for economic prosperity.

Women’s Reproductive Rights – As a lifelong women’s rights advocate, reproductive freedom is an absolute priority for Lisa. She understands the importance of defeating her opponent, the author of House Bill 481, the state’s unlawful six-week abortion ban. Lisa trusts women to make the decisions which are right for them and will prioritize restoring bodily autonomy.

Education – Paying teachers fairly is a top priority for Lisa. She will also seek to create new revenue streams and partnerships to fund virtual learning curriculum and expand access to technology in order to increase student success rates. 

Voting Rights – Lisa will work to protect and expand voter registration, ballot access and accurate voter counting.  She will work diligently to ensure increased voter participation in our elections, educate voters about our rights, and advocate for election reform.

Gun Safety – As Representative, Lisa will fight for two key changes to help reduce gun violence in and increase gun safety in the state of Georgia.  First, she will advocate treating gun violence as a public health issue, instead of as a political partisan issue. Second, she will work to enact laws that are proven to reduce the risk of violence such as restraining orders for domestic abusers. 

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