Georgia State Senator Sally Harrell

Sometimes, for women, the necessary preparations to get ready for a long holiday weekend create a high level of stress. Invariably, we set aside interesting looking articles about current events for later. 

In recent days, there have been many articles about reproductive freedom, the abortion bans passed in Georgia and other states and other issues regarding choice and feminism which you may have “intended” to read. We hope during this holiday weekend, you will find the time to prop up your feet and read a few of our favorite recent reads and a few older articles social media sites have re-circulated: 

In an eloquent column for The Bitter Southerner, Gray Chapman makes the case for why men should make their voices heard in the fight for reproductive freedom.

Southern Men: Where Y’all At?

The states passing abortion bans have a few statistics in common and the maps which accompany the recent article in are surprising:

Why Can’t These ‘Pro-Life’ States Stop Killing Infants All the Time

Gerrymandered districts created the political climate which allows Republican controlled legislative bodies to pass abortion bans even when polls say the majority of voters do not favor bans:

How Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression Paved the Way for Abortion Bans

A Pulitzer prize winning reporter who covers the Supreme Court talked about the complicated issues surrounding abortion in the judicial system. This New Yorker interview is an enlightening read:

Supreme Court Reporter Defines the Threat to Abortion Rights

Precisely how, and when, abortion became a rallying cry for the “religious right” may not be as clear-cut as you think. An old, but authoritative, article has been posted widely on social media sites in recent days and sheds light on the subject: 

The Real Origins of the Religious Right

Another old article on the same subject is also interesting:  

What Does the Bible Say About Abortion

A New York Times op ed powerfully looks at the importance of “rape exceptions” in abortion discussions and the difference having a choice in law school made for the author. 

My Rapist Apologized

After a whole bunch of serious reading, you may need a laugh. Samantha Bee’s sex education lesson for senators is “funnysadtrue!”

Abortion Sex-Ed