Georgia WIN List proudly endorses Rep. Jasmine Clark for re-election to House District 108 following her 2018 WIN which flipped the seat from red to blue. 

During the 2019 Legislative session, Rep. Clark  was the sponsor or cosponsor of several bills that address many key issues facing Georgians. These include bills concerning sex education, reproductive rights, healthcare, and gun violence. As a freshman legislator,  she went to the well to speak against the unconstitutional “abortion ban” bill, as well as the bill that codified using insecure, unauditable voting machines.

Rep. Clark was also an organizer for the April 2017 March for Science in Atlanta. She holds an Emory Ph.D. in Microbiology and believes her scientific background offers a unique perspective for legislative decisions.

Rep. Clark believes Georgia needs leaders who still believe in the sanctity of the democratic process, where representatives govern based on the will of the PEOPLE and not rigid political ideologies. She believes laws should never result in discrimination, division, or destruction of individuals and families. 

Rep. Clark’s 2020 Legislative Priorities are:

  • Protecting our democracy
  • Addressing gun violence
  • Protecting our environment
  • Protecting bodily autonomy and patient privacy

Other issues important to her:

AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE: Healthcare in Georgia is in critical condition and the percentage of Georgians without health insurance is among the highest in the nation. In Gwinnett County, more than 100,000 residents are uninsured. Rep. Clark believes access to affordable health care is a right for all Americans and pledges to work for the expansion of Medicaid.

IMMIGRATION: Rep. Clark believes we need laws which create pathways instead of barriers to citizenship and keep families together instead of tearing them apart.

JOBS AND WAGES: Rep. Clark believes it is unconscionable when residents who work 40 or more hours a week, sometimes at multiple jobs, cannot afford to live off wages earned. The cost of living has significantly outpaced minimum wage requirements, and it is time Georgia addresses the problem.

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