Kelly Rose, SD 17

SD 17 – Kelly Rose

Georgia’s WIN List is proud to endorse Kelly Rose for Senate District 17 covering portions of Henry, Rockdale and Newton counties.  Rose credits a conversation with her daughter for inspiring her to run for state Senate.  While talking about bullying, Kelly told her 8-year-old that the best way to deal with a bully is to come together as a community and stand up for what you believe in. It was then Kelly knew she had to run. 

Kelly believes our government should not be involved in a woman’s right to choose. Kelly was very active in lobbying our legislators to vote against House Bill 481, which bans most abortions at about six weeks of pregnancy. 

As a wife, mother and small business owner, Kelly connects with what families need. She is invested in her community, owning an Acting Studio with her husband in McDonough and also coaching girls’ basketball in local league the last three seasons. A consistent message Kelly hears from those in her district is they don’t feel represented in our state government. If elected, Kelly will be the voice for those who feel marginalized. A few issues Kelly feels strongly about:

  • HEALTHCARE: Kelly will fight to pass full Medicaid expansion in Georgia. Compared to the waiver program, there is a negligible cost difference and thousands more will have access to coverage. Additionally, expanding Medicaid will help our small business owners. Many individuals opt to stay in a job with healthcare rather than go out on their own. Major life choices should not be made based on whether one will have affordable health insurance.
  • EQUAL RIGHTS: Kelly pledges to fight for the Equal Rights Amendment in Georgia and will make decisions that will protect our children, families, businesses and anyone who is currently being told their rights don’t matter. 
  • REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH: Kelly is passionate about having OB/GYN access to all Georgia women and expanding reproductive health care rights. Georgia’s staggering maternal mortality rating (50th) is very personal to Kelly. After experiencing unrelated delivery complications with the birth of both her children, Kelly was admitted to ICU while living in California. She believes had she delivered in GA and not had access to quality care that she did, the outcome could have been much different. Kelly also believes in reproductive freedom, a right to govern one’s own body, is guaranteed by the Constitution and reinforced by the Supreme Court definition of liberty. Family planning is personal and the government should have limited powers to make decisions for the individual. 
  • SCHOOL LUNCH REFORM: One of the top issues Kelly would like to tackle in the Senate would be school lunch reform statewide. Kelly believes we are only successful as a society if we are all thriving. By having thousands of kids going hungry, we fail. In addition to creating a program that offers free school lunches, Kelly would also like to work with local farmers to create menus that are fresh and healthy.
  • GUN LEGISLATION REFORM: Kelly is in favor of a waiting period on all gun sales, universal background checks and red flag laws. Currently in Georgia, there are no negligence laws on the books, meaning if an accident happens due to negligent gun storage there are no repercussions that law enforcement can take. 

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