HD 43 - Luisa Wakeman

HD 43 – Luisa Wakeman

Georgia WIN list is very proud to endorse Luisa Wakeman in her bid to win State House District 43 (East Cobb). Last year, Luisa came within 800 votes of defeating Sharon Cooper, who chairs the Health and Human Services Committee. This is the closest anyone has come to unseating the 22-year incumbent by a substantial margin. In 2020, she’s back to finish the job.  


Our state leaders must stand up for our values when national leaders are not. Luisa never planned to run for office, but her love for her community and desire to serve led her to step forward.


She knows the community. For over 25 years, Luisa has been an active member of the East Cobb community with her devoted husband, two wonderful children, and high-spirited dog. She has volunteered in classrooms, in her neighborhood, as a Girl Scout leader and band chaperone.


She knows the value of hard work. Luisa has spent over 30 years working for Delta Airlines. But when the Great Recession hit, she had to do more to help her family weather the economic storm. So she went back to school and then began working as a cardiac intensive care nurse as a second job. That’s what you do when times are tough, when your family is in need. You step up.    


She is not a career politician. Luisa knows the issues. But she’s gained that knowledge without cozying up to special interests on the way. She knows the state capitol from her years spent lobbying local leaders on gun reform. She knows key issues like healthcare from her time as a practicing nurse. So, you can feel confident that she’ll do that job just as you can feel confident that she’s not in anyone’s pocket.


She is the leader we need now. It’s past time to say enough is enough. No matter where you are on the political spectrum, we all know that our leaders have gotten too extreme. No one wants assault rifles in schools. We don’t want draconian abortion laws that relegate women to second class citizens. Climate change is clearly real, our elected officials should say so and act on it. The list goes on.


Luisa is a proud Democrat. But she feels most compelled to run not because she wants to advance a partisan agenda but because she believes that we all deserve better than the leadership we have today. Special interests and partisanship have pushed Georgia wildly off course, to a place well out of step with the values of her native East Cobb. If you agree, she is your candidate. Luisa would be grateful to have your vote. 

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