Following a recent SCOTUS ruling on the six-week Texas abortion ban, Saturday’s marches demonstrate our collective determination to push back against any laws seeking to overturn the constitutional protections offered by Roe v Wade.  The next test comes in January when Georgia GOP legislators will introduce a Georgia version of the Texas law’s “bounty hunting” provisions.

The longer-term key to preventing passage of future Republican efforts to restrict reproductive freedom in Georgia is the election of even MORE Democratic pro-choice women in November 2022 who will vote against future bills and develop strong strategies to protect women’s rights during committee hearings and floor debates.

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For 21 years, Georgia WIN List has worked to Change the Face of Power by helping elect more than 80 women to the General Assembly, 45 of whom currently serve. Our efforts have increased both the number and percentage of elected Democratic women even when Republicans hold a trifecta of control.

We have more than 40 potential future candidates learning how to WIN in our current Win Leadership Academy. We are talking to women who will be strong contenders for open seats and targeted red to blue FLIPS in 2022.  

Training candidates and contributing to their campaigns is expensive and getting more so with new contribution limits. Your contribution in any amount supports our work to recruit, train, support, elect and re-elect the women who will finish the job and Turn Georgia BLUE in 2022!

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