Join us and our amazing line-up of speakers at the 2015 Georgia WIN List Legislative Breakfast:

January 28, 7:30-9:30 am @ Central Presbyterian Church

In addition to featured keynote Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears (ret)…..

PANEL OF GA. WIN LIST ENDORSED WOMEN,  speaking on  the “State of Women in Georgia” and how it will be impacted in the 2015 Legislative Session


House Minority Leader        Stacey Abrams

House Minority Leader
Stacey Abrams

House Representative       Stacey Evans

House Representative
Stacey Evans

      Senator      Nan Orrock

Nan Orrock

Senator Elena Parent


GOLD:  Fentress Waits, Anna Beck, Melanie Goux

SILVER:  Lauren Benedict, Elly Dobbs, Stephanie Stuckey Benfield,  Murem Sharpe,                         America Building Trade Unions and Adrienne WhiteBuilding Trades Union

BRONZE:  Martha Fagan, Melinda Ennis, Valerie Habif, Mary B. James, Clara Puerta, David Ross, Nse Ufot, Janelle Yamarick