Georgia’s WIN List Endorsements Reach Unprecedented Number of 35 Women Candidates for November Election

Georgia’s WIN List endorses a slate of 35 endorsed women candidates on the November ballot aiming to flip seats long held by Republicans.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2018 – Georgia’s WIN List, the state’s leading PAC devoted to electing Democratic women, announces Janice Laws for Insurance Commissioner and Dawn Randolph for Public Service Commission District 5 as the most recently endorsed statewide candidates who join a robust ticket of constitutional office candidates.

Leading the ticket is the historic first of women as nominees for the top two spots: Stacey Abrams for Governor and Sarah Riggs Amico for Lt. Governor. Former House Minority Leader Abrams is the first African American woman in the nation to secure a major party nomination for Governor. Lindy Miller, a candidate for Public Service Commission District 3, rounds out this slate of the most women ever on Georgia’s ballot as nominees for constitutional office.

“Both Janice and Dawn won commanding leads in the Democratic Primary with strong grassroots campaigns which highlighted their consumer protection approach to these offices where decisions directly affect the wallets of all Georgia citizens,” said Anna Beck, chair of Georgia’s WIN List board. ”In what has been called the ‘Year of Women’ nationally, WIN List is proud to support a record number of women candidates both at the top of the ballot and for legislative seats all over the state.”

The newly endorsed legislative candidates include Christine Triebsch for Senate District 32, Regina Lewis-Ward for House District 109, and Joyce Barlow for House District 151. This brings the WIN List endorsed total to 30 women who are seeking legislative seats long held by Republicans, most of them men.

“Our slate of candidates is the most diverse we have ever fielded in every way: professionally, geographically, racially and ethnically. These women reflect the diversity and range of backgrounds and lifestyles of the Georgia voters they hope to represent in a way which nominees for the Republican party simply can’t match,” said Melita Easters, WIN List Executive Director and Founding Chair. “The stories these candidates share about what compels them to run for office are truly inspiring. We know Georgia voters will respond to the message these hardworking candidates plan to share as they knock on doors and attend community meetings during the coming months.”

Having a woman at the top of the Democratic ticket was the dream of those who founded Georgia’s WIN List more than 18 years ago. It is now the state’s leading PAC devoted to electing Democratic women who are committed to protecting reproductive freedom. WIN List has helped elect more than 60 women to the General Assembly over the years, 33 of whom currently serve. Georgia ranks 23rd in the nation for the percentage of women serving in legislative office and also has the most African American women legislators for any state nationwide.

At Georgia’s WIN List, WE BELIEVE Stacey Abrams can shatter Georgia’s glass ceiling because our WINning women are on a WINning streak.

Read the full press release here: http://bit.ly/WIN2018-June27Release